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What is Large Format Tile?

If you are shopping around for flooring and tile options, you've seen some gorgeous tile out there. Did you know anything over 12" on one side is called Large Format Tile?

Why would you chose tile over something else such as laminate, lvp, hardwood?

Benefits to choosing Large Format Tile

1. Tile is easy to maintain. It's waterproof and durable. All the issues you have with hardwood floors are avoided with tile.

2. Large tiles have the ability to make a space look bigger. Large Format Tile usually starts at 12 x 24, and the most common people use are 20 x 20 or 24 x 24, but really, it's becoming more trendy to go even larger.

3. There are various materials used to create tile, including porcelain and ceramic styles.

4. They come in various colors and styles, to fit every need.

Want to make a dramatic statement?

Want to have flooring that will hold up to kids, pets, and a lot of traffic and still look amazing?

Consider some tile flooring. It looks great and lasts forever!




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