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Laminate Flooring vs Vinyl Flooring

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

What's the difference between Laminate flooring and Luxury Vinyl?

There are some key characteristics that make laminate and luxury vinyl different. It's confusing for a lot of people because laminate has been THE THING for so many years.

Even with vinyl and luxury plank vinyl becoming more and popular everyday, people don't really understand the difference.

Let's break down the key elements that make them different.

Laminate Flooring

  1. Made out of pressed wood

  2. NOT waterproof- Most laminates are rated for 30 min of standing water only.

  3. Scratch resistant

  4. Click together planks

  5. Easy to install

  6. Budget-friendly

  7. Not good for kitchens and bathrooms where there would be standing water.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

  1. Usually either a WPC or SPC core.

  2. 100 % waterproof

  3. Scratch resistant

  4. Click together planks

  5. Easy to install

  6. Can be pricier than laminate, but there are low-end and high-end options. There's a huge range.

  7. Can be placed anywhere, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.

So, what flooring should you get?

That's up to you!

People love vinyl flooring because it is durable, waterproof, and scratch-resistant!

However, people have been using laminate as a good alternative to real hardwood floors for a long time. It's less expensive. It looks a lot like real wood and can be used in most places in your home.

What you want to ask yourself when you are looking at flooring is, what are my needs?

Do you have kids?

Are they younger or older?


A large family?

A small one?

How many traffic goes through your house?

Answering these questions can help you decide what the right flooring is for you!

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