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Our laminated line of flooring has a hardened layer that is impregnated with melamine which makes it extremely scratch resistant with a wood chip core and the underlayment attached.

Because of the wood chip core this product is not 100% waterproof, but it will stand up against some water, water should always be cleaned up as soon as possible, but will not warp or bubble due to water being spilled on the surface.

Our King Size planks measure 9.25" x 71" 12 mm thick with a 1.5 mm pad attached.

New Low Price $1.99/sq ft

Our standard size laminate features a 6" x 48" planks, with a 12 mm thickness and a 2mm attached pad, with an AC 4 rated scratch resistant top layer that helps it to stands up to scuffs and scrapes from heavy foot traffic.

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